IDK, My BFF Jon?
My name is Jon, but my friends call me Llama.
I'm a Sociology major at the University of Central Florida.
I love movies, video games, music, comic books, and Doctor Who.

My AIM screen name is ThatswhatJONsaid. If you like something I've posted, dont be afraid to message me; I'm always down to talk about it. (Even if I have never met you!)

I don't follow back unless there is some attempt at personal connection or I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

I don't like photography blogs. I don't like fashion blogs. I don't like pictures of shirtless celebrities or male models I've never heard of. An occasional post is fine, but if your blog consists solely of these things I have mentioned, I will not be following you.
  1. Animal Collective (256)
  2. The Mountain Goats (34)
  3. The Bird and The Bee (26)
  4. Avey Tare (16)
  5. Yelle (11)

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  1. Animal Collective (227)
  2. Avey Tare (37)
  3. The Mountain Goats (7)
  4. Freelance Whales (4)
  5. Sleigh Bells (2)

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  1. Animal Collective (186)
  2. Radiohead (27)
  3. Neutral Milk Hotel (26)
  4. The Flaming Lips (11)
  5. Wild Beasts (10)

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  1. Animal Collective (231)
  2. Radiohead (57)
  3. YACHT (27)
  4. Mumford & Sons (24)
  5. Avey Tare (16)

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  1. STS9 (37)
  2. The Decemberists (21)
  3. Kind of Like Spitting (17)
  4. Justice (16)
  5. Animal Collective (9)

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  1. The Decemberists (5)
  2. Ratatat (4)
  3. Two Door Cinema Club (3)
  4. Lodger (3)
  5. The Shins (2)

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  1. Ratatat (91)
  2. Two Door Cinema Club (9)
  3. Animal Collective (4)
  4. Cut Copy (3)
  5. RJD2 (2)

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To AIM user Sbeen27(and anyone else who might want to IM me in the future):

If my hunch is correct and you got my AIM screen name from Tumblr, listen up.

If you want to start a conversation with me, I’m all for that; however 7:15 A.M is NOT an acceptable time to do so; I am almost certainly going to be asleep, and I am immune to any sounds my computer makes in my sleep.

Also, if I don’t respond, say something more than just “hi” Remember, I have no idea who you even are. For all I know you are a fucking robot.


Sometimes in the middle of the night, or some random point in the day when I’m by myself; I hear a really high pitched tone. It usually lasts like 5 seconds or so.

I always feel like a bomb is about to go off.

14:17 gallifreygal:

Then there’s just strange things like this:
14:05 newdamage:

Go Go Reservoir Rangers!